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  • [Info] MSWAP circulation2023-02-28
    <MSWAP distribution information is provided.>

    Total Supply: 1,500,000,000
    Max Supply: 1,500,000,000
    Circulating Supply: 1,348,271,983

    [MSWAP TEAM Holding Quantity]
    - Total: 262,528,017 MSWAP

    1. 0x4a10a57c24bc1667f69f70be6775a4f9a8fb1241
    - 151,728,017 MSWAP (Locked)

    2. 0x07199981415d0d18bb4644a3fecead078ef1f86a
    - 110,800,000 MSWAP (Unlocked)
  • [Notice] Mswap will list gate.io exchange.22-07-20
    Money Swap(MSWAP)


    Mswap will list gate.io exchange.


    KuCoin Listed, PancakeSwap Listed, xxxxxx soon, xxxxx soon.

    MoneySwap has announced an additional listing this week. We are discussing two additional exchanges and will be able to release them quickly.  The exchanges that discuss additional listing are one higher than Kucoin and Gate IO and one similar level of exchange, and a total of two additional exchanges are under listing negotiation. (Based on Coin Market Cap    https://coinmarketcap.com/rankings/exchanges/ )

    White Paper 2.0 disclosure, staking and trading volume events are under discussion with the exchange to be listed further



    1. Official website:


    2. Telegram link:


    Twitter link :


    3. Smart contract address:


    4. Partners & Investors:

    GOM2(Bithumb , Coinone  Listed)

    5. Xangle:

  • [Notice] Regarding the Exhaustion of De-Fi Pool.22-04-04
    Hello, this is Moneyswap.

    De-fi Pool has been exhausted this week and the ongoing De-fi service will be terminated.

    Termination date: Sunday, April 10, 2022 (※Last payment date: April 11, Monday)

    The opening of the next De-fi service is currently under preparation.
    We will be back with more innovative services soon.

  • [Deposit] MM, KCS, GT Deposit Service Open21-07-12
  • [Deposit] Termination of PICA, TRCL Deposit Service21-07-12
    Hello. This is MoneySwap.

    We terminate PICA, TRCL deposit service.

    You can still receive interest if you remain PICA ad TRCL, which are previously deposited, and you can cancel the deposit, if you would like to.

    [Precautions when canceling TRCL deposit]
    Current TRCL on the site is ERC20 and please transfer it to your ERC20 personal wallet when you deposit it and request the TRCL Foundation to change the chain to Klaytn.

    If you send it directly to Clayton's wallet address when you cancel the deposit, the coin will be lost and you will not be able to find it.

    Please be aware of this.

  • [Halving]5th Notification21-07-07
    Hello. This is MoneySwap.

    Following the fourth halving on May 10th, the fifth halving on July 12th will be implemented.

    1) Halving application period
    It will be implemented from Monday, July 12, 2021 (Persons eligible for payment for July 13, 2021)

    2) Halving rate

  • [Must-Read] Regarding Wallet Password21-06-30
    Hello. This is MoneySwap.

    The foundation does not keep your wallet password for security reasons.

    You will not be able to find the coin in your wallet when you lose it.

    Please be careful not to lose it by keeping it separately.

  • [Precautions] Regarding TRCL21-05-10
    Hello. This is MoneySwap.

    TRCL listed on the Coinone exchange has recently been converted to Klaytn mainnet.

    MoneySwap site is currently supporting ERC20 TRCL.

    Please be aware when depositing or withdrawing money.

    We will make TRCL support Klaytn mainnet later.

  • [Halving] 4th Notification21-05-10
    Hello. This is MoneySwap.

    Following the third halving on March 15th, the fourth halving on May 10th will be implemented.

    1) Halving application period
    It will be implemented from Monday, May 10, 2021 (Persons eligible for payment for May 11, 2021)

    2) Halving rate

  • [Chain] Regarding MSWAP Chain Change21-04-14
    Hello. This is MoneySwap.

    We are working on changing the chain between ERC20 <-> BEP20 and we ask for your understanding that it is being delayed than scheduled.
    There are currently applicants, so we would like to change the MSWAP chain after receiving the application via email first.
    If you send me the form as below through email, we will check and orderly inform you the process.

    Please follow send an email as the mail form below.
    In particular, please make sure to fill out the email subject as the example below.

    [Recipient Emaill Address]

    [Email subject]
    Application for MSWAP Chain Change

    [Email contents]
    MSWAP ID: qgisdgjisg
    (Current) before change: BEP20
    (final) after change: ERC20
    The number of MSWAP: 10,000 MSWAP

    [Check point]
    If you frequently apply in small quantities, you may not be able to apply for changing the chain due to ERC20 remittance fees.

    Please ask regarding other chain changes through email then we will give you feedbacks.

  • [Precaution] Regarding MoneySwap Withdrawal21-04-05
    Hello. This is MoneySwap.

    MSWAP tokens listed in Kucoin is MSWAP of ERC20.

    There are several people who have sent [BEP20] MSWAP to Kucoin, in this case, you have to organize the contents, hash value, bascsan url, [BEP20]MSWAP wallet address for return, and etc to retrieve the coin by sending inquiries through email to Kucoin customer center.

  • [Deposit] Regarding MSWAP21-03-29
    Hello. This is MoneySwap.

    [ERC20] MSWAP deposit service has been terminated and started [BEP20] MSWAP deposit service.

    The previously deposited [ERC20]MSWAP will continue to be paid if you leave it as it is and you can also find it through [ERC20]MSWAP when you release the deposit.

  • [BSC] Pancakeswap Listing21-03-16
    Hello. This is MoneySwap.
    [BSC]BEP20 MSWAP has been listed in Pancakeswap.


    It is not ERC20 but BEP20.


  • [Deposit] Regarding MSWAP Chain Change21-03-11
    Hello. This is MoneySwap.
    We are changing MSWAP deposit service chain.

    ERC20 deposit service will be terminated and will be changed to BEP20 deposit service.

    [Expected questions]
    What is going to happen to the previously deposited ERC20 MSWAP?
     It's the same as the previous ERC20 and you can find it with ERC20 when you receive it. Interest will also continue to be paid during depositing.

    [Change schedule]
    It will be changed after inspection sometime (between 15 and 19 March 2020) next week.

  • [BSC] BEP20 Withdrawal function Open21-03-11
    Hello. This is MoneySwap.

    We are lunching “[BSC] BEP20” transfer (withdrawal) function.

    Official chain name is “Binance Smart Chain”, so please make sure not to be confused.

    It is not “BEP2” but “BEP20”. Please be careful when depositing or withdrawing money, and the foundation cannot help you with the wrong remittance due to your mistake.

    [BSC Scan]

  • [BSC] BEP20 Wallet Function Lunch21-03-10
    Hello. This is MoneySwap.

    We are lunching “[BSC] BEP20” wallet function.

    Official chain name is “Binance Smart Chain”, so please make sure not to be confused.

    [How to create a wallet]
    Go to My Page and proceed to create BSC [BEP20] wallet.

    [Precautions when creating a wallet]
    1. You have to enter the password 3 times in total when creating the wallet.
    2. Make sure to check the case letters, Korean/English keys, and record them separately so that you do not make situation that you are not able to transfer or withdrawal.

    [Deposit interest payment]
    Remittance(withdrawal) function is currently in the final stages of development as well. We will announce this part separately after completion.

    [BSC Scan]

  • [Halving] 3rd Notice21-03-09
    Hello. This is MoneySwap.

    Following the second halving on January 18th, the third halving on March 15th will be implemented.

    As with the announcement related to the second halving, it will be implemented in consideration of stabilizing the market price and increasing distribution volume before additional listing as below.

    1) Halving application period
    It will be implemented from Monday, March 15, 2021 (Persons eligible for payment for March 16, 2021)

    2) Rate of halving

  • [Swap] MSWAP -> GOM2 Service Open21-02-25
    Hello. This is MoneySwap.

    We open MSWAP -> GOM2 swap service.

    The vote will be held from next week.

    1500 GOM2 + one-time Self paying remittance fee (ETH)

    ○GOM2 -> MSWAP Adjusting existing fee
    Since remittance fee is recently increased, we adjust as below.
    Existing fee: 300GOM2 + 0.1% of SWAP GOM2’s quantity
    Changed fee: 1,000GOM2 + 0.1% of SWAP GOM2’s quantity.

  • [Governance] Regarding Chain Change21-02-22
    Hello. This is MoneySwap.

    We proceed a vote regarding chains.

    We will actively pursue the first-place chain according to the results of the vote.

    I would like to clarify that just because you are chosen as the first place does not mean you will be 100% changed to that chain.
    It may not proceed in case it is not agreed.
    Please check with this.

    The vote will be held until 5 o'clock.


  • [Governance] Swap Progression This Week21-02-22
    Hello. This is MoneySwap.

    This week, we held a vote on whether to proceed with GOM2 -> MSWAP.

    The vote will be held until 2 o'clock.

    Thank you.