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  • Regarding Lock-up20-10-23
    Tokens are locked-up for 7 days after the initial deposit.

    During the 7-day lock-up period, the withdrawal button will be disabled.

    After that, you can withdraw at your will.

    Withdrawal can be made as the amount of tokens deposited, and the quantity cannot be changed.

    When making a withdrawal, the remittance fee is borne by the Foundation.
  • [Must-Read] Deposit Token Confirmation (with Etherscan)20-10-23
    Depending on the wallet server situation, the transfer time may take up to 24 hours (until thereafter).

    We are notifying in advance because you might say that it is not visible on Etherscan.

    As long as there is no block failure, it will only take a while and the tokens will be deposited normally, so you should not have to worry about this.
  • Issuing Personal OTP20-10-23
    If you go to My Page, there is a button for issuing OTP.

    Click to send OTP-related information by e-mail entered at the time of registration.

    Please be mindful of security issues and information leakage.

    We recommend that you keep the OTP information separately and delete the mail.
  • Minimum Deposit Quantity20-10-23
    There is a minimum deposit amount for each token.

    If you go to the detail page of the token you wish to deposit, you will see the minimum deposit amount.

    Be sure to check the minimum deposit amount token.

    ** Please note that the minimum deposit amount may change depending on the price of GoMoney2 in the future.
  • Remittance Fee Rules20-10-23
    ○ You must have at least 0.015 ETH for remittance fee in order to deposit.

    ○ Setting the remittance fee
    -> The remittance fee is automatically set at the time of deposit.

    ○ Why is the remittance fee so high?
    -> It will not consume the entire 0.015 ETH, but to completely prevent remittance failure due to insufficient gas, we have set the basic reserve amount with a margin.
    -> What is left can be removed later.

    ○ You can keep the remittance fee in your personal MoneySwap wallet.

    [Remittance Fee for Withdrawal]
    --> Remittance fees for withdrawal are borne by the Foundation.
  • Be Sure to Check Your Wallet Password!20-10-22
    Please check the following items before the deposit service.

    ○ For those who signed up for the website and created a wallet,
    go to the "My Page -> Wallet Password" menu and check your wallet password again.

    ○ If you forget your wallet password and deposit tokens into your MoneySwap wallet, they will be lost.

    ○ If you keep getting that your wallet password is incorrect, or if you have not created a wallet but a wallet exists, please contact us and we will respond.
  • [Must-Read] Regarding Sign Up and Wallet Creation20-10-20
    [Sign Up]
    A verification link will be sent to the email you enter. You must click on it to complete the membership registration.

    There are some people that claim they can't log in after registering as a member without completing the e-mail verification.

    [Creating Wallet]
    After signing up as a member, you will see the “Wallet” menu at the top right. Click to create a wallet.

    After creating a wallet, go to “My Page” at the top right and there will be a menu called "Wallet Password." Please click again to finally check your wallet password.

    If you have never created a wallet but a wallet has been created, or if you have any problems with the above two processes, please feel free to contact us at the one-on-one chat room and we will answer you.

    Before depositing, be sure to check the password at the time of wallet creation in the My Page -> My Wallet Password menu.

    Thank you.
  • [Must-Read] Regarding Moving Tokens to Wallet20-10-20
    Please don't move tokens to theMmoneySwap wallet in advance and follow the manager's notice.

    I will notify you about this part after the deposit function is completed.

    Thank you.
  • WMBL, KFC, TRCL Solo Deposit Update Scheduled!20-10-19
    Hello, MoneySwap users!
    WMBL, KFC, and TRCL will be updated to allow Solo Deposit.
    Compensation will be paid on a weekly basis when deposited, as a mix of ETH, BNB, MSWAP, etc.

    We will notify you shortly of the exact deposit start date and mining interest rate of other coins including WMBL, KFC, and TRCL.
    Thank you.
  • [Must-Read] Important Message from the Developer.20-10-18
    We have closed the deposit function for a while because we have not finished discussing the deposit function and wallet connection with exchanges. We will notify you on Monday.

    Thank you.